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Based in Bangkok, we pride ourselves in providing comprehensive yet bespoke solutions to service cross-border eCommerce brands.


In addition to our one-stop service, we offer solutions that effectively address the pain points often seen in cross-border eCommerce operations, including customer service/ logistics/ after-sales/ translation/ localized social media marketing. Customer service, for example, is especially important given the consumer behavior in Southeast Asia.

We also make good use of our in-house micro-influencer network and video production capacity to tell an unique and truly localized story of the brand.

Our strengths are backed by our manufacturing experiences and sourcing facilities in China, to ensure consistent quality at competitive prices. We offer the unique Overseas Office as a Service (OaaS) to help you expand into emerging markets.


Online consumers have developed fatigue over conventional online Ads, and are embracing real communities and voice leaders.


New challenges present as traditional business models evolve. Not only do we see more: 

  1. More B2Bs going direct-to-customer

  2. Much shorter product cycle and more customized product needs

  3. Supply-chain structural change at global scale

but even for those already established an online presence:


  1. More challenging outlook ahead, as social media marketing game rules transitioning from Ad-driven into community/referral based mCommerce

  2. Increased competitions and tightening regulation make it hard to justify the ever-declining profit margin

  3. Most companies which have done well have localized, but how about expanding into other regions?


Our expertise in social media management help you navigate through this change of consumer behavior and shopping habit. We employ a data-driven approach using some of the most advanced marketing analysis tools, to help you understand the progress and make relevant decisions in a timely manner.